Land Owners

Services to landowners, occupiers and developers:

  • Advocacy at rights of way public inquiries – both for definitive map modification orders and public path orders.
  • Case submission to the Planning Inspectorate.
  • Expert witness work for inquiry and court, including investigation into the status of public and private roads.
  • General rights of way advice for developers and landowners.
  • Instructions to Counsel.

Sue Rumfitt Associates is nationally known for clear independent advice on rights of way matters. Coming from a local authority background, principal consultant Sue Rumfitt, is familiar with the statutory and non statutory processes governing rights of way work and able to guide clients through the sometimes complex area of rights of way law and practice.

Examples of the work we have successfully completed include:

  • Expert witness work for the case of Norfolk County Council v Mason [2004] resulting in the landowner successfully obtaining a declaration that the disputed road was not a public highway.
  • Advocacy for private landowners in Hertfordshire at a public inquiry to determine bridleway rights over their land – with the successful result that the Order was not confirmed.
  • Representation at a hearing on behalf of a landowner resulting in the confirmation of the public path order he sought.