About Sue

Sue Rumfitt is a self-employed consultant with a background in local authority management of public rights of way.

Sue Photo

She has been professionally involved with rights of way for 37 years. Within this time Sue has been self-employed for 28 years before which she worked for Bedfordshire County Council as Senior Rights of Way Officer and before then for a district council (with a highway agency agreement).  A substantial part of Sue’s work for the county council was concerned with the investigation of the status of public rights of way.  This involved the evaluation of documentary and user evidence.  Sue specialises in the evaluation of evidence relating to highway status.

Sue has carried out research into the status of highways and rights of way on behalf of a number of clients including private landowners and highway authorities.  She estimates that during her career to date she has carried out detailed investigations into the status of well over 150 routes, which necessitated the examination of documentary evidence.  As a technical practitioner, Sue was part of the research team headed by Cheltenham and Gloucester College advising the Countryside Agency about methodology and extent of documentary research for phase one of the Discovering Lost Ways project.

She has represented individuals, landowners, parish and community groups and user groups at a variety of public inquiries including successfully representing the Ramblers at the Network Rail Suffolk Level Crossing Reduction Order.

Sue has taught courses for the Institute of Public Rights of Way and Access Management (formerly the Institute of Public Rights of Way Officers) and has been a guest lecturer on the subject of public rights of way at University of London (Birkbeck College) and at Oxford University Faculty of Continuing Education.  She was joint editor of the first edition of the Good Practice Guide for Rights of Way and  contributed material on the history of maintenance law and the law of bridges to the MSc. Course “Public Rights of Way and Countryside Access Management” formerly run by Sheffield Hallam University.

Sue is a Fellow, and a former President, of the Institute of Public Rights of Way and Access Management.  As a senior Institute member, Sue abides by the Institute’s code of conduct and has completed, to the satisfaction of the Institute, a record of Continuous Professional Development, every year since the Institute instigated the scheme. She edited the Institute’s journal, ‘Waymark’ from August 2011 to March 2019.  Sue holds a BA in English and Geography from Lancaster University and is a registered expert witness.  In 1995 Sue completed an A level in Law and in 1998 she was awarded the City and Guilds 7307 Certificate in further and adult education.